Opalescence PF10% Melon Whitening gel

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  • 2, 4 or 8 syringes of Opalescence PF10% Whitening Gel
  • Shrink caps 2 pieces (top and bottom)

The latest improved formula in Opalescence PF10% Gel

Based on carbamide peroxide, also contains fluoride. Additives such as fluoride ions reduce or eliminate tooth sensitivity during the whitening process. It is also worth noting that the pH of Opalescence PF 10% is around 4.5. The advantage of the whitening gel is the water content of about 15%, which reduces the risk of tooth dehydration.

What makes Opalescence PF10% different from what you bought in our store?

You can be sure that the product is from the last batch. That's why it has the latest formula that is constantly updated. Currently the new formulation:

  • Prevents the occurrence of tooth sensitivity
  • Prevents teeth from drying out during the whitening process
  • Promotes the remineralization of tooth enamel
  • Prevents the formation of caries
  • Are you ready for professional teeth whitening?
  • Opalescence PF 10% is a professional whitening gel for whitening teeth. After the first application, your teeth will be much whiter. The product is very safe, as evidenced by its worldwide reputation

Overlays to brighten up

  • two pieces, one for the lower jaw - the other for the upper jaw
  • Opalescence Whitening Gel is applied to the trays
  • heat shrinkable
  • prepare at home
  • Thanks to them, you can whiten your teeth without leaving the house!