Whitening Strips Crest Professional Supreme Whitestrips

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Crest 3D Whitestrips Professional Supreme

Experience the first-class treatment recommended by many of America's leading dentists. Crest Whitestrips Supreme provides professional whitening at a fraction of the cost with an easy-to-use, highly targeted formula. In addition, Crest Whitestrips Supreme has demonstrated the greatest reduction in yellow spots compared to professionally used whitening systems and can easily be yours.

Product Details:

Results last 18 months and longer
Use once a day for just 30 minutes
No dental impressions required
Teeth whitening at a professional level
80% more effective than regular Crest whiteners - the most powerful Crest whiteners on the market.
Safe and ready to use, even if you have no experience with it
Preloaded whitening gel for an easier, safer and more consistent treatment
Prevents gel from getting on gums and causing irritation

How effective is this product?

More than 90% of users notice the effect of whiter teeth after the first application. The direct impact on teeth whitening results depends on the degree of tooth discoloration. For severely discolored teeth, it is recommended to extend the treatment for another 7 days.


Avoid applying the strips immediately after brushing; It is recommended to wait at least 1 hour.
It is recommended to use the strips once a day for 30 minutes.
The strips are for single use, do not use them repeatedly.
The remnants of the gel should be removed by rinsing the teeth.
For the best effect, it is recommended to use the strips daily for two to three weeks.
The treatment can be repeated every 3-6 months to achieve the desired effect.